Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding ceremony in India (Part 2)

Having met the groom at gate, parents of the bride conduct him to newly married. The groom and the bride exchange flower garlands. Thus also there is a wedding ceremony. After a supper a newly-married couple goes to a small temple under the name "vedi". This temple is built from five bamboo sticks covered with an awning. A fire burns in its centre. One end of a dress of the bride is adhered to a belt of the groom. It means their union and attachment to each other. Newly-married couple sits down near fire. Then they should rise, join hands and bypass round fire seven times. Here now they are already spouses.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding ceremony in India (Part 1)

In India there is a beautiful legend about husband and the wife who were ideal pair in every respect. Anybody from them hasn't looked at someone another during all life. Spouses lived in peace and friendship and happily and have died in one day. North Star there has ascended a new star of Anadurata in honor of a happy married couple. The groom shows to the bride this star in the wedding day.

Wedding ceremonies of India have traditional character. It means that they remained almost same, as well as thousand years ago. Marriage in India completely depends on the decision of parents of the groom. They look for the suitable bride for the son and agree with her parents about the future marriage union. A little that depends on the girl: eventually, parents can simply order to marry to it even the unfamiliar young man, and she is obliged to obey. Therefore the Indian marriage name "marriage under the preliminary arrangement".

After the preliminary arrangement between parents two meetings of the girl and the guy, named "ashir-vad" (blessing) will be organized. The future spouses thus receive gifts from parents and relatives, and also present each other.

The groom and the bride isn't authorized to eat anything up to the beginning of ceremony of wedding in the wedding day. Girls who are relatives of the groom, execute dances and songs in his house. Then small important ritual under the name “gaje holud” is made. It is a ceremony of praise of yellow color which at Indians associates with color of the sun and serves as a fidelity symbol. At first all present paint to themselves foreheads, and then sprinkle each other with a yellow powder.

After that ceremony the father of the groom a solemn voice lists names of deceased relatives of this family, as though calling them in witnesses and informing spirits of ancestors that their descendant marries. Then all participants of ceremony go to the house of the bride where ceremony “gaje holud” repeats.

Wedding is spent, as a rule, in the evening in the house of the bride where at fixed o'clock there arrives the groom accompanied by relatives and friends. The small temple specially constructed for fulfillment of a ceremony is already ready to this moment. It is covered by an awning, decorated on corners by four palm trees and cleaned by set of fragrant colors, basically yellow color.

The groom becomes on a flat stone and waits, when some persons will take out in a wooden palanquin the bride dressed in bright red sari, with set of ornaments. Seven times porters bypass round the groom, and then, having stopped, ask young to look each other in eyes. This sight is called “shubho drishti”. It is the very first sight.

All wedding procession moves then to that place where the priest, having said a prayer and having listened to a pair oath will connect hands newly married a garland of colors. The groom during this moment will put a red paint on a forehead and a hair parting of the bride. Now they are already the husband and the wife.

Then all go to celebrate in a premise named “bozargan” where the whole representation with dances and songs is arranged. Fun lasts all night long, and in the morning visitors leave the house of the young wife, withdrawing it in the house of the husband where a newly-married couple is waited also by gifts and blessing. This day all have a rest.

And only next day in the house of the husband accept relatives of the wife with gifts, arrange for them a dinner and entertainments.

Basically all Indian weddings in the provided families are very expensive. They manage from five thousand to twenty thousand rupees, depending on financial position of parents. But in state of Punjab wedding is especially expensive enterprise. First, for the bride the big dowry is necessary. Secondly, parents of a newly-married couple try to outdo each other and to flash generosity and riches.

Usually very intense one-two month pass between engagement during which time the groom puts on to the bride a finger a wedding ring, and wedding. These days parents of the bride collect a dowry of the daughter. Two days before wedding the bride doesn't leave anywhere. The house it decorate a foil, garlands of colors and multi-colored bulbs.

At last there comes the wedding day on which collect to 700—800 visitors. Parents of the bride should provide with their entertainment and habitation. The bride dresses in bright red sari. Bright red bracelets are put necessarily on hands at the bride. It means that the girl marries. It will carry these bracelets, at least, even a month after wedding.

In the evening the bride deduce on the open area before the house where she patiently waits arrivals of the groom. The face of the bride is half covered by a sari.

At last astride a horse there arrives the groom. Its clothes are embroidered by gold sewing. It is belted by a red belt. On a head the bright turban is put on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beach Wedding

Your wedding is a special event, and nothing is more special than a Beach Wedding. There are few spots on this planet as inspiring as our beaches. The never-ending ebb and flow of the water, the seashells tucked into the sand, the sun rays dancing on the water, and the horizon that seems to go on forever - it's absolutely intoxicating and romantic. Many couples decide that a beach wedding is the prefect way to begin their married life. If you have set your heart on getting married on the beach you will need to plan carefully to make your day as perfect as you imagine. Firstly you have to select a perfect beach wedding location. There are many amazing beaches around the world where it is possible & legal to marry. Stetching around the world from classic locations in Florida, Hawaii, California & the Caribbean to far away deserted beaches in Australia & tropical paradise islands in Fiji & the Cook Islands. Many destinations offer cliff top or ocean view weddings - where you can marry outside with views overlooking the beach but with the facilities of a private villa or hotel. Santorini in Greece & the Amalfi Coast in Italy are a couple of great examples for these type of beach style weddings. Don't miss The Complete Guide to Weddings Abroad which will show you the best resorts, the best beaches, the best locations, the best planners plus everything you will need to know to have a perfect wedding day on the beach. To make the most of your beach wedding see our beach wedding tips - which will help you realize how you wish your beach wedding day to proceed. Things to think about are the heat - as many beach wedding destinations can get extremely hot - especially at mid day. On many beaches that face west it may be practical to have your wedding just before sunset - which will lessen the heat factor & also make a spectacular romantic backdrop for the ceremony & the wedding photos. Many couples decide to go to paradise resorts that offer beach weddings & ceremonies while combining thier honeymoon. Often these resorts will have a beautiful area or gazebo set aside for weddings next to the beach. Often, getting married in a resort next to the beach lessens some of the problems that can arise with a ceremony on the sand. Often resort hotels will have private beaches to get married on so you can get privacy. Also they will have facilities - such as shade, drinks etc which will make the ceremony go smooth for everyone. Also these resorts can provide the reception on a beautiful terrace - but wedding photos can still be taken on the beach. Many resorts do offer ceremonies that also do take place on the beach along with the reception facilities.

For a ceremony on the beach you can achieve some really beautiful decoration to make the day really special. It is wise to use an expert local wedding planner to help with this & the legal side - in many locations there are some truely talented wedding planners that can create wonderful beach wedding decorations - but it is often possible to arrange everything yourself. Planning what to wear is important - light fabrics are essential - both for the bride & groom aswell as the guests. Flat footware - not always popular with the guests - is also essential. Keep in mind to have lots of liquid to keep everyone refreshed. Don't miss The Complete Guide to Weddings Abroad which will show you the best resorts, the best beaches, the best locations, the best planners plus everything you will need to know to have a perfect wedding day on the beach. Beach Wedding Dresses Beach weddings are considered more informal than their church counterparts. Full formal skirts and poufy headpieces aren’t required. Instead, a sleek, casual style is called for. That isn’t to say your day will be any less special or glamorous than that of a church wedding, it only means you’ll want to go with a different type of dress or gown. An informal wedding dress looks classy and elegant for your beach wedding, without being too over the top. It has many different styles, a halter or strapless top or sleeves for those who prefer to co ver up a little more. All are slim but flowing with various lengths.

Accessories Wedding dresses are so casual, in most cases, a veil is not required. If you do want to go this route, you’ll need one with a style to match the dress. Something informal will do fine. You can also wear f lowers or rhinestone studded barrettes or a hair band. Your hair style need not be elaborate, wear it long and flowing or pulled back in a stylish ponytail encircled by pearls or flowers. Of course, if you’re wearing a simple beach wedding dress, you’ll want simple footwear as well. The last thing you want is sand in your $350 white satin pumps. Some beach brides go barefoot, while others don an elegant pair of flip flops or even some strappy sandals.

Consider the Weather You’ll also want to take the weather into consideration. It might be a beautiful day, but for some reason, the ocean inspires wind. If you feel your dress or veil will blow around, you’ll probably want to consider other options. If you’re wearing a hat, make sure it’s pinned securely. It may also be a little chilly depending on the time of day and the month of the year. A strapless number during sundown in late September may not ward off the chill. Flowers If you’re afraid you couldn’t carry a floral bouquet with a more casual frock, you can rest assured this isn’t the case at all. Flowers are most definitely welcome, though a simpler bouquet might be in order. Try a few long stemmed white roses or lilies tied with a blue satin ribbon (for your “something blue”) or carry a small round bouquet or basket filled with daisies, lilies or roses. Flowers are the perfect complement to a beach wedding dress! Convenience One of the selling points of beach wedding dresses is that they don’t take as long a s a more formal gown to order. This is good news for a couple who plan a short engagement. In many cases, they can be purchased “off the rack.” Alterations are usually minimal and in most cases, not even required. Romance If a romantic destination ceremony is your idea of the perfect wedding backdrop, consider a casual but elegant wedding on the beach. With the perfect dress and the perfect man, the only thing left to order is the perfect sunset. A number of brides believe a beach can be the perfect venue for a wedding. It certainly can be—if you make the right preparations. Success is definitely within your reach—but you need to plan for it. Here are the top five things you can do to ensure that your beach wedding surpasses your personal expectations: Pick the right location. Location is obviously a prime consideration in real estate, and it’s highly important when you are planning your beach wedding as well. Some prime locations you might consider include Miami Beach, with its exciting night life, and the Florida Keys, with its incredible scenery.

Hire a wedding planner. While you might think that a wedding planner i s a luxury, it can be a necessity when you’re planning a beach wedding. Be sure you let your planner know whether you are interested in a large event or a relatively intimate affair. Also, you need to tell your planner whether this will be a formal affair, with traditional wedding attire, or a casual event, with Hawaiian shirts and beach wear. Choose a convenient reception spot. Ideally, you want the reception to be held close to the actual wedding site. That way, your wedding party and your guests will not have far to travel. Make sure you have a professional photographer. While you might be tempted to save money by hiring an amateur, in the end, you’re likely to be disappointed if you do not employ a professional to take your wedding photos. Remember, part of the thrill of a beach wedding is having spectacular pictures to remember it by. Don’t forget to consult your clergyman. Some members of the clergy do not support the idea of having a beach wedding. Therefore, if you’re planning a wedding along the waves, you’ll need to check with your clergyman to make sure he’s willing to perform the ceremony in the sand. Otherwise, you could end up with an unpleasant surprise at wedding time—all the guests are assembled, but there’s no one around to preside over the exchanging of the vows.

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Do's & Don'ts for

the Night Before Your Wedding

1. Don't drink a lot of alcohol at the rehearsal dinner. Limit yourself to a glass of wine or champagne for toasting at dinner. Instead, drink plenty of water – it will make you feel and look good for your wedding day. 2. Do eat a good dinner. Don’t just nibble – you’ll need plenty of energy for the day ahead. Stay away from spicy foods or rich, heavy desserts. They may give you indigestion and stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. 3. Don't go out after the rehearsal dinner. There will be lots of friends, relatives and out-of-town guests that will want to see you – but resist the temptation and go home directly after the rehearsal dinner. 4. After the rehearsal dinner, do spend time with people that are close to you… your parents, your bridesmaids or your fiancé. Try not to be around people that can be annoying or cause you any stress. 5. In addition, do spend some quiet time alone to meditate or visualize your wedding day. Try taking an aromatherapy bath with fragrant candles and soft music and just relax! Use this time to really visualize your wedding day. Picture it clearly (with details) in your mind – everything flowing perfectly! 6. Don't over do it! The night before the wedding is not the time to be putting together your favors or to begin packing for the honeymoon. Make sure you plan accordingly and have everything done before the rehearsal dinner – if not, ask for help!! 7. Do go to sleep early. This may be difficult with all of the excitement. Allow yourself some time to wind down after the rehearsal dinner and before you climb under the covers. Do something you enjoy that relaxes you, such as reading a book or listening to soothing music. The bath may help you get drowsy!

Secrets Of Planning

The Perfect Weddings

Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding, but like all planned events even the wedding ceremo nies generally have one or more glitches, which need to be smoothed. Ultimately one has to remember that the day is for and of the bride and groom and the planned choices that they've made should be honored above the choices of others. Most important thing is to remain calm and cool and stay with your plans. Before planning your wedding it's important to know exactly what you want before you start making those final decisions that many times can't be reversed. Talk about what you want with your finance. You'll more than likely have a budget that you need to stick to so you'll have to decide what's important to you that you won't give up versus what you're willing to part with. Your first decision will be the wedding date. If the ceremony will take place in a church or some other heavily used building, confirm that the date is available. If it isn't you'll have to settle on another, so it's a good plan to have several possibilities when you are ready to book. You'll need to plan your budget carefully. Use common sense when choosing some things for your wedding. Where possible think of ways where you can cut costs. For instance, if you want to hire a DJ to handle the music at your reception you might want to ask around to see if you know anyone who can do this for you at a low price. When you start buying the things that you need for your wedding use a list that includes all costs and items that you need and make sure that you stick to it. Contact merchants in your area that offer the services that you need and see if you can negotiate a better price. After all, it never hurts to try. Choosing the photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that you'll make since your photos, like your memories, will last a life time. Take your time looking for the right photographer before making your final decision. Ask to see plenty of samples so that you can see the range of photos that the photographer can take. You want to be certain that the pictures that you want are possible. You need to decide how many people that you're going to invite to your wedding. Be realistic when you're counting heads. If your budget doesn't allow you to have a huge guest list you'll have to start making cutbacks and limiting those family members and friends that will be getting an invite. After you have your headcount, you'll need to find a caterer that you can afford and who will be able to prepare the foods that you plan to serve. Remember that there is more to choosing a caterer than cost alone. So you have to decide on a number of things while planning for your wedding. And to be sure that you have taken care of all aspects get somebody - a friend or sister to help you with the planning. And it definitely pays to have some body help you decide on things like music for the reception, the decorations and the menu etc. Above all you must enjoy the planning and the execution of one of the most special days of your life. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Wedding

Why not have a Christmas wedding? Here are ideas and tips to have a fantastic Christmas wedding with all the trimmings. Wedding Colors: Red and green are natural colors for a Christmas wedding – It is likely that your church or reception site will already be decorated in red and green for other events and holiday parties. But don't feel limited to this palate. Other possibilities, which will work with existing decorations, include: • silver and white • silver and light blue • burgundy, forest green, and gold (as long as the existing decorations aren't too primary) • gold and cream Christmas Wedding Invitations: You'll want to reflect the season and your theme, but you won't want it to look like a holiday card. The solution? Forgo a folded card, opting for the traditional thick white card, with a border and engraved or thermo-graphed text. You can highlight the Christmas wedding theme in the border with white snowflakes, an elegant holly trim, or a drawing of a poinsettia. Since people make plans for the holidays early, and often have many parties and events to attend at this time of year, you'll want to send your invitations a little bit early – about 12 weeks before the event. You might also consider "save the date" cards in addition to the invitations, which will ensure that those most important to you will be able to attend. Wedding Cake: Having each tier look like an individually wrapped package is a popular look that is perfect for a Christmas wedding. You might also do a take on a buche noel or yule log, with a tiered chocolate cake that has holly – either real or made of gum paste – cascading down the side. Use marzipan, an almond paste used in many holiday desserts, as a filling. Bridesmaids Attire for a Christmas Wedding: My favorite bridesmaid look for a Christmas wedding is long dresses with shrugs or capelets and a big faux-fur muff. But you can dress them in your wedding colors, give them long wraps or sparkly accessories, all of which will help evoke your theme. And the Bride Wore: A Christmas wedding dress needn't be that different from any other kind. Wear the one that flatters you most, and top it off with a long red velvet cape. Or embrace the trend of color in wedding dresses by adding a beautiful red silk sash to the waist of your gown. You could also seek a dress with lots of sparkly beads and sequins to evoke the snowiness of the season. And of course, a faux-fur wrap and muff are always fun. Flowers and Décor: Since flowers can be more expensive at this time of year, think creatively. A mirrored platter with pillar candles and sprigs of holly is both elegant and romantic. Buy ornaments in bulk on-line, and create centerpieces of bowls or vases of ornaments. For a simple but elegant look, put pots of poinsettia with a ribbon trim in the center of each table. Fake snow used to be tacky, but there are now very good products available. Set candles or small flower arrangements in the middle of snow. And for my favorite touch, use fake snow instead of an aisle runner. Or, you can always hire a snow-making machine to really make your Christmas wedding a winter wonderland. Gifts: Instead of a gift table, why not incorporate wedding presents into the décor by placing them under one of the Christmas trees? Just don’t forget to have someone take them home when the reception ends! Decorate the wedding cake with small ornaments, ribbons or candy canes; you’re only limited by your imagination. Favors can also reflect the Christmas decoration theme. What guest wouldn’t want to walk away with an elegant engraved Christmas ornament or candle? For an environmentally conscious gift, you can give your guests an evergreen seedling to be taken home and planted. If your wedding falls during the holiday season, use this to your advantage. Do use Christmas wedding decorations. It’s festive, it’s elegant and your guests will remember it for years to come.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Winter wedding

Winter weddings -- they're the stuff dreams are made of. When planning your winter wedding, think frosty fairy princess! You can fulfill all your girlhood fantasies for a magnificent and sparkling wedding ceremony and reception with the help of a little creativity and imagination. There are so many ways to make a winter wedding spectacular, from the food to the favors. Wedding favors are a great way to express your thanks to your guests and give them something to help them remember the wedding. These days, there are so many fun ideas for great winter wedding favors. Read on for some ideas to get your creativity flowing! The first thing you'll need to do before selecting wedding favors is decide on a color scheme. Popular color schemes for winter weddings include red and green Christmas colors as well as shades of midnight blue accented with sparkling silver and white. Disposable cameras wrapped in colorful, decorative fabric like sheer tulle make ideal wedding favors. With a disposable camera, your guests can capture their own memories of your special day. Candy is also a popular choice. Chocolate silver bells (like Hershey's kisses) wrapped in tulle and secured with satin ribbon are perfect. Or, try a winter themed collectible like a miniature snowglobe. This gives your guests something to take home that they can use and enjoy throughout the winter season. Scented votive candles in fragrances like pine or spicy cinnamon are also popular winter wedding favors. The old tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom has gone out of favor since it was discovered that rice is harmful for birds. Instead, choose birdseed to give the birds that are still around a little something to eat! Or, try miniature bottles of blowing bubbles in a color that matches your color scheme. Another nice idea is wrapping packets of hot cocoa mix, apple cider or gourmet coffee in pretty fabric. Guests will love the thoughtfulness of the hot, satisfying beverage on a frosty winter day! Christmas ornaments also make good wedding favors. Like many aspects of your wedding and reception, the wedding favors you choose to give your guests should reflect the theme and color scheme of your wedding and your own individual preferences. No matter what you end up choosing, your guests are sure to be delighted with the favors they receive! While many associate weddings with the warm months of the year, winter can also be a romantic time to hold your wedding. When we chose to have a Christmas wedding, some people had reservations. We remained firm, and throughout the planning process we learned the pros and cons of having a wedding at this time of year. If you�re considering having a winter wedding, these are some of the issues to consider: Snow: If you�re in an area that commonly has snow in winter, snow can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. On one hand, a nice dusting of snow a week before your wedding can create a festive atmosphere, and may put you and your guests into a holiday mood. The obvious catch is that it�s impossible to control the weather, and your guests will know this. While you may like a few snowflakes after the ceremony for a romantic getaway on a horse and sleigh, guests coming from any distance may decide to forgo your wedding for fear of a storm. If there is a storm on the day of the wedding, you may have a difficult question to answer: Will you go ahead with the wedding even if some or most of the guests can�t be there? Think about this before the wedding day, so that you can prepare yourself for this situation. If you decide that only the bride, the groom, and the wedding officiant absolutely need to be at the ceremony, then don�t worry about the weather. If you can�t say that, you can take a few precautions. Begin by checking with your vendors to see if they are willing to have a snow date for the wedding and reception. If not, ask important people, such as parents and wedding party members, if they can come a day early, particularly if they have to travel. That way you can continue with the ceremony, and maybe even hold a reception at a later time. Photography: For the photography, you may be restricted to indoor shots. In this case, make sure you have a suitable area for indoor photography. If you want to try some outdoor photographs, talk to your photographer. If he or she is willing to take them, think about wearing something like a cape, particularly if you�re wearing a sleeveless or a strapless stress. Since days are shorter in winter, it may be better to take the pictures before the ceremony, unless you�re sure you�ll have enough time to take all you need before dark. Holidays: If you choose to get married during the winter holidays, you have the added advantage that you and your future spouse may not have to take as much time off work for the wedding and the honeymoon. If you�re in school, you may have a block of time that you can set aside without guilt. In the future, it may also be easier for you to find the time to go on a second honeymoon or other anniversary vacations. The problem with choosing the holidays is that some of your guests may have prior family commitments. Friends may go home for the holidays; family members may have gatherings with the other side of the family. People may also have the added financial burden of holiday gift-giving, so they may be unable to afford to come to the wedding. To avoid these problems, give your guests ample warning of your intended wedding date. If you send your wedding invitations earlier than you normally would, you will also avoid the holiday card rush. Vendors: Because winter is a less popular time of year for weddings, it is often easier to book vendors. Many vendors need to be booked a year or more in advance. Although I did much of my planning in the few months leading up to my wedding, not one vendor I contacted had another booking for my wedding day. For last-minute planners and for those who want short engagements, winter can therefore be an ideal time. The Honeymoon: What�s better than going from a wintery wedding to a tropical honeymoon? Winter can be a fabulous season for a wedding. If you prefer snow skiing to water sports, think about using a winter wedding theme. Colors There are many colors available for winter themes. Choose one of the following or a combination of colors: Silver, white, light blue, light green, lavender, plum, cranberry, ivy, gold, ruby, emerald, pewter, cobalt, navy, hunter green, or black. Flowers White poinsettias would be beautiful for a winter wedding along with other white flowers such as roses, calla lilies, carnations, gardenias, magnolias, alstromeria and snowball mums. Instead of the traditional fillers, consider having your florist incorporate evergreen sprigs into your floral arrangements. For a different look, have your bridesmaids carry evergreen wreathes or hurricane lamps instead of flower bouquets. Decorations The bride doing a winter theme is lucky for she can hit the after Christmas sales and save on almost all of her decorations. Icicle lights in either white or blue would be a great way to start off decorating your reception. Gold or silver garland would be another great touch. Snowflake ornaments would add a definite winter feel to your decorating scheme and could double as favors. Evergreen boughs could add a touch of green to your decorating scheme. For example, swags of greenery with white lights would add a charming feel to the reception. White and blue tulle will also help create a winter feel. Centerpieces There are many unique ideas available for a winter wedding theme. For example, you could have bride and groom snowmen, miniature ice sculptures, large snowglobes, or white poinsettias with snowflakes on them. While candles are used by many brides with many different themes, they can add a special warm glow to a winter wedding. Add fake snow around any centerpiece for an additional winter touch. Music To help set the mood of a winter day or evening, chose some songs with the word snow or winter in them. Some examples are: Snowbird, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, or The First Snowfall. Try doing a search on the word "snow" or "winter" at any music site for additional ideas. Food Hot chocolate, mulled wine, mulled cider and wassail are all good drinks to help set the mood of a winter reception theme. Cheese fondue would make a warm and fun appetizer to start off your winter wedding feast. Follow with a soup course instead of a salad if you are having a sit-down dinner or provide soup on the buffet. Warm bread is especially satisfying on a cold winter day. Ham, turkey, fish, or beef all would be suitable meats for your meal. Cake There are many beautiful wedding cake designs incorporating snowflakes available. For your cake topper, consider using a snowglobe or looking for snowmen. For an additional snow effect, cover the cake table with a pile of white fabric, fake snow, or white tulle. Favors If you choose to have favors at your reception, here are a few that go well with a winter theme: Miniature glass snowstorm globes with a winter scene and the bride and groom's names and wedding date added, an icicle or snowflake ornament, chocolate mint suckers in snowflake or snowmen shapes, or snowflake or snowmen shaped cookies. If you are using a lot of greenery for your decorations, miniature evergreen trees would be a good favor.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall wedding

Fall Wedding

If you've recently gotten engaged, you might be thinking of planning a fall wedding. October is second only to June as the most popular month to get married, but the other crisp autumn months can be a spectacular setting and inspiration for your wedding. If you are l ooking for a warm and intimate wedding reception, consider a fall wedding. As people start thinking about coming home more, and spending more time with their families, it's a romantic time for a wedding. Here are some fall wedding ideas to get you started. Where to Have a Fall Wedding Think of storybook fall setting such as inns, 18th century churches and meeting houses, old mills and ev en barns. A fall wedding can be casual yet elegant set in a beautiful old barn. You might also look at an apple orchard, a vineyard, or any place that will have a view of fall foliage. If you live in a climate where the leaves don’t change, look for a venue with lots of rich dark wood and w armth such as a gentleman’s club or university club. A fireplace is an extra special touch. The Décor for Your Fall Wedding Set the tone for your fall wedding as soon as your guests enter with sheaths of wheat or corn at the entrance. Choose either rich jewel tones to decorate the room, or a traditional fall color scheme such as reds, oranges, browns and yellows. A modern fall color scheme uses only chocolate brown with light-blue accents. Fill the room with the bounty of the season - pumpkins, cornucopias, acorns, and gourds. Make jack-o-lanterns with decorative patterns rather than scary faces, or use paper bag luminaria for a similar effect.
Fall Wedding Flowers
Generally you can find Mums, roses, daisies, yarrow, fall leaves, tallow berries and both natural and dried wheat for inexpensive prices during the fall. A spray of wheat or a mum accented with a pheasa nt feather makes an elegant boutonnière. Consider hollowing out pumpkins for your centerpiece containers – if you don’t have the time, many craft and home stores now sell realistic fake pumpkins. But if you go with the real thing, consider white or blue natural pumpkins for an elegant and unique touch. Attire for Your Fall Wedding I recommend that an autumn bride look for cream and off-white dresses with gold beading and accents. Bridesmaids will look wonderful in jeweltone dresses; match the groomsmen’s vests to their dresses. Look at rich fabrics such as brocades and velvets for a luxurious touch. Remember that weather in the fall can be tricky – in many areas of the United States, it will be hard to know long in advance whether your wedding day will be warm or chilly. I suggest that the bride and bridesmaids wear strapless dress with capelets, stoles or wraps. On a warm day, the overlayer can be easily removed, but you won’t be left shivering on a chilly day. Planning the Menu The most traditional fall dinner is a roasted turkey with pumpkin pie for dessert, but there are so many other options for a fall wedding menu. From roasted quail to standing rib roast, choose a hearty meat that will pair well with heavier side dishes such as squash and mashed potatoes. A mushroom ragout evokes the season and provides a nice entrée for your vegetarian guests. You might start the meal with a hearty soup served in a hollowed out pumpkin, accompanied by whole grain rolls. Serve warm apple cider in glass mugs with a cinnamon stick stirrer, and offer an alternative to wedding cake with a baked apple dessert. A Fall Wedding Cake Really you can serve any wedding cake at a fall wedding, but you can add to your autumn theme by serving a spiced cake or a spiced chocolate cake. Consider having an all chocolate cake, decorated with marzipan fruit. Or omit the cake altogether to serve pumpkin bread and apple, pecan and pumpkin pie. Favors Give a favor in keeping with the season such as a beautiful apple tied with a gold ribbon, or a bottle of maple syrup. If you have a sweet tooth, give guests caramel apples wrapped in cellophane, or give a DIY kit of a caramel apple recipe with all the ingredients they’ll need - a perfect apple, some caramels, and a Popsicle stick. Help your guests decorate for the season by giving them mini pumpkins, or an ear of ornamental corn tied with some wheat and a pretty fall ribbon. Marzipan fruit is also a wonderful fall wedding favor. If you’re crafty, I love the idea of giving each guest a jar of homemade preserves as they leave. A Halloween Wedding A fall wedding guide wouldn’t be complete without talking about the Halloween wedding. Ask guests to come in costume, or have an usher greet them at the door with inexpensive yet stylish masks. The bride and groom can wear traditional wedding clothes or costumes. At a wedding I recently attended, the bride and groom changed into Bride of Frankenstein and a stable groom costumes, half way through the reception. You could also dress as the bride from the "Kill Bill" movies, or as the Princess Bride and Westley. Of course you’ll want to have plenty of pumpkins around – consider having a pumpkin carving station to keep any children (and childish adults!) busy for hours.